Why We at Anubis Athletica use SUPIMA® Cotton.

Supima® Explained

The SUPIMA® trademark is the consumers’ guarantee that the branded textile product they are buying contains U.S.- Grown Pima Cotton. By licensing the entire supply chain (that’s right, the entire supply chain) SUPIMA® provides added assurance to customers that SUPIMA® trademarked goods are made with 100% U.S. Pima cotton.

Only SUPIMA® licensees are authorized to use the official SUPIMA® Hang tag. There is added value to using the SUPIMA® trademark- it means a brand is associated with the highest quality apparel. To maintain the premium focus of the trademark, the SUPIMA® license is non-transferable. This allows SUPIMA® visibility throughout the supply chain of the use of its trademark, as well as to control the quality and integrity of products that bear the SUPIMA® name.


supima cotton

When building our company it was imperative to us that we use SUPIMA® cotton as it certifies that we are dedicated to providing sustainable and high-quality products to our customers. Being eco-friendly when it comes to producing garments should not be an option or an afterthought, rather it should be at the forefront of one's standard of production.

Traceability Unlike Any Other

SUPIMA® utilizes forensic science to test the natural fiber itself and verify its place of origin. To ensure this, SUPIMA® has partnered with Oritain, a global leader in forensic science.

Without clear knowledge of the origin of a product it is impossible to definitively talk about the product. The ability to authenticate cotton to its point of geographical origin enables an open dialogue about all relevant facts, including point of origin, sustainability, and social and economic responsibility aspects. Unlike other technologies that are dependent upon the addition of a tracer or marker.

 supima cotton

Water Conservation

To maximize water-use efficiency, cotton fields are laser-leveled. This leads to knowledge regarding the topography and make-up of the soil. Farmers then select the best method for irrigating the crop; either through drip irrigation, which directly feeds the plant only, or flood irrigation to restore moisture to the soil, which has the added benefits of:

  • Replenishing aquifers
  • Promoting soil health
  • Fostering wildlife

    Soil Conservation

    Soil is the farmers’ productive capital, so great effort is made to maintain its fertility and increase productivity. Planting crops that take on the same planting footprint enables the minimization of soil compaction by the farming equipment used. GPS guided tractors that keep the wheels on the same path as prior passes minimizes the need for tilling the soil, while maximizing seed germination and crop yields.

    GPS & Satellite

    Satellite imagery of the fields can be utilized to understand the growth rate of plants. When lower rates are identified, samples are studied to reveal nutrient needs and any potential pest issues. These findings can be communicated directly to GPS outfitted tractors in real time allowing variable rate application of treatments only to areas of the fields that need them. Satellite and GPS data allows growers to create a detailed history for each individual field and precisely monitor its current state and needs.


    As a premium, extra-long staple cotton, great care is taken to preserve the fiber’s premium qualities. This is particularly evident during the ginning process, when the seed is removed from the fiber. All SUPIMA® cotton is ginned on “roller gins” that operate at much lower speeds in order to gently separate the fiber from the seed. In contrast, regular cotton is processed by high-speed “saw gins” which use a more aggressive system to break the fiber away from the seed.

    What is the Difference between “Pima Cotton” and “SUPIMA® Cotton”?

    SUPIMA® cotton is only grown in the United States and makes up only 1% of the cotton fabric grown globally. It is understood as the highest quality of cotton available. SUPIMA® cotton is simply "superior pima" cotton. Pima cotton is a soft and durable cotton, but SUPIMA® builds on top of that to produce an even higher quality cotton. Pima cotton shirts have extra long fibers which provide some softness, durability, and strength. However SUPIMA® cotton shirts are made of the most durable cotton while providing the silkiest, softest feel of cotton available in the world. Both Pima and SUPIMA® cottons are regarded as higher grade than traditional cotton, but there is not a better cotton produced in the world than SUPIMA® Cotton.



    There is not a better choice when it comes to cotton than SUPIMA® cotton. When purchasing t-shirts it is one of the best decisions one can make. Grown from the high quality seed, the fibers within are preserved through the ginning process to then be built into the fabric that is understood globally as the best. It offers the consumer a reliable garment that has the softest and silkiest feel possible. We at Anubis Athletica provide quality SUPIMA® t-shirts so our customers can have the very best at their fingertips.



    Why We at Anubis Athletica use SUPIMA® Cotton.
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